CUT Trailer

Trailer Description:

Nix is in trouble. Haunted by the ghosts in her mind, Nix descends into a hallucinogenic world of her deepest fears. The only way out for her comes in the form of Max, a man who knows her utmost secrets, and may be able to set her free from the nightmare surrounding her.

** Official Selection of the United States Super 8 Festival – 2010 **


  • Director of Photography: Joe Pasciscia
  • Edited by: Joe Pasciscia
  • Sound: Joe Pasciscia/ Zack Dinerstein
  • Produced by: Lulu Bess, Robert Reilly, Ken Stein, Dan Enriquez, D. E. Contracting, Emily Lepore, Jess Pawuk, and Matthew D’Abate
  • Written and Directed by Matthew D’Abate
  • Original Score composed by Christopher North

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